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What is Event Design? Event design is more than picking your favorite backdrop design and centerpieces. It is piecing together all of the elements of design from space, lines, lighting, and more. A good design has a "flow", each piece has a purpose and it all comes together to tell a story. Your unique story!

Event design is not wedding or event planning which deals with logistics and timelines and vendor communication from start to finish. Wedding planners are there putting out fires you didn't even know you had and making sure your wedding day goes according to plan. Many wedding planners also do event design, but not all do. Event designers are focused on the event decor and styling aspects. We are one part of your overall team of vendors. 

When should we meet? Is as soon as you say "yes" too soon? Maybe, but not too far off. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. If you leave it until the last minute, we are likely not a good fit.

The process:
-Complimentary initial consultation to discuss your unique story is so we can determine what design elements will best tell your story.
-Determine your budget for decor and other elements that you may want to include such as stationery, custom signage, etc.
-Event Design plan and Quote for scope of work is presented. May include mock ups, mood board, samples.
-Design Plan fee payment You can stop here and take your design and execute it yourself or Contract us to do the work.

-Once contracted, a 50% retainer is paid.
-We get to work securing in-house decor, ordering, and sourcing other decor and elements as needed.
-Meet and collaborate with other vendors as needed
-Delivery and set up
-Strike (take down and pick up)

Design Plan:
Start at $249

Event Design scope of work:
Will be stated in Quote



* All Photos on this page by Impressions by Mohit

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